For Referring Doctors

Welcome Referring Doctors and colleagues.

We understand the challenges you, our colleagues and partners, face in treating your patients and their families - and we've assembled these resources to help meet your needs. To provide our patients with the most comprehensive eye care, we value working in conjunction with referring ophthalmologists, optometrists and primary care physicians.

There are two ways to contact us regarding a patient referral. You are always welcome to call us, or you can simply fill out the form below. Please also feel free to email any additional questions or concerns.

Thank you very much for your trust and confidence.

Please fill out as much information as you can, one of our staff will take care of everything after that.

Please be aware that RCSD cannot ensure that communications sent over the Internet are secure. This includes correspondence sent through this form or by email. If you are uncomfortable with such risks, you may contact us by phone instead of using this form.